Me Kit, you Tarzan. [Scene from the opening credits.]Name: WilyKit

Race: Thunderian [Some say mixed breed, and some say wildcat.  When I think in terms of canon, I tend to go with wildcat, even though many of those who had a hand in the writing of the show said that the Thunderkittens were small housecat types.  In my fanon universe, their parents consist of a half breed father (half lion and half puma), and a mother of bobcat origin.]

Occupation: ThunderCat Warrior-in-Training [Although referred to as a ThunderCat, just as her brother is, neither has set out along a definite path (eg., Panthro is the mechanic, Pumyra is the healer, etc.).  Because of this, the fact that the weapons they carry are more for defensive purposes than to be used to attack, and the accursed age and height issues, they seem to be young adults apprenticing to be ThunderCats.]

Lion-o trying to defeat one of the aforementioned pellet monsters. [Anointment Trials - Trial of Cunning]Weapon: Each of the Thunderkittens has a lariat, kept looped at their side on a belt.  [Wilykit's belt has a few small pockets, but mainly has a number of loops which contain the mysterious pellets used by the Thunderkittens.  Both kittens also carry with them pellets which can do any number of things - explode, release gaseous clouds, turn into a million tiny, round pebbles, or even a prehistoric balloon creature.  Some of the pellets are set off by an impact, while others need water to create the desired effect, which can be an issue in a heated battle.]

Sneaking around...but on a spaceboard!Special Abilities: The Thunderkittens are meant to be the cunning and clever duo, playing pranks on villains and fellow ThunderCats alike.  They are also mischievous, due to their age, or lack there of.  Seemingly older than Lion-o when we first see her, Wilykit does not age during the journey to Third Earth, causing her to deal with him now being her elder.  Panthro did build each of the kittens a recreational vehicle when they reached Third Earth - a spaceboard.  It took Wilykit little time to master the vehicle, but often she took spills and crashes from being too much of a daredevil for her own good.

Love Interests:  By now, you've begun to wonder what exactly I was going to fill in for this section - or perhaps you scrolled down here first.  Either way, I just know that some of you are smirking and reading as fast as you can, while the rest are carefully plotting out a flame for placing this topic on a biographical page for a juvenile cartoon character.  No matter, I will attempt to keep some amount of dignity on this page.

Wilykit, as a cub,  was not going to be shown writing "Mrs. Wilykit Lady of the Thundercats...Ms. Wilykit...Mrs. Lion-o..." in red ink in her diary during the opening of an episode.  It might have grabbed a few laughs from the audience, but those network censors just have no sense of humor.  You'd have to think that she likely had some daydreams about possible future mates, especially early on when it seemed as if there were only two females in a pride of six.  Since Panthro was her father figure, Tygra more like an older brother with issues, and Wilykat a younger brother with issues, she had few choices left.  It was either Lion-o or maybe a wollo or something.  

The adult Wilykit could quite possibly continue to pursue the lion - they were once nearly the same age, it's doubtful that even Lion-o could forget that fact.  There seems to be no animosity between them what-so-ever, and they both do without thinking first, which would cut down drastically on the number of marital "let's sit down and talk about this" chats.  Of course with New Thundera being repopulated now, it's anybody's guess who she'll end up with.  My money's still on Lion-o, although I'm expecting to lose this bet once the new comics start rolling off the presses.

Sneaking around again.Episodes of Interest:  The Tower of Traps is a great Thunderkittens episode to watch, especially for Wilykit's awesome spin action.  There's also Anointment Trial Third Day - Trial of Cunning.  Lastly, I suggest the following trio of episodes for numerous 'do before thinking' stunts and events:  Mongor, The Time Capsule, and...heck, just about every Wilykit episode is a 'do before thinking' one.

Catch Phrase & Quotes:

"Safe is boring!"
    -her thoughts on being left out on the action in "The Time Capsule"

Sneaky, sneaky, sneaky...if she weren't a ThunderCat, you'd have to guess she was evil.Final Thoughts:  Wilykit got into enough trouble for both Thunderkittens, and most of the time, she was only taking her gullible brother down with her when he got in trouble.   Although we don't have a whole lot of her back history, her personality made her one of the more rounded out characters of the show.  Sneaky and mischievous, and at the same time, quite resourceful.  Of the two Thunderkittens, she is more likely to become a full fledged ThunderCat.

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