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Before you go clicking one of the links at the side, I'll give you a brief run down on what you'll find when you get there, though most are self explanatory.  If you've been here before, you can click on the Updates link at either the top or bottom of this page to see what's been added.

Cartoon is where general data and canon information such as character names, episode titles, and cast would be found.  The cast section has a few pictures of the voice actors themselves, and links to other information about them.  Information on the various comic books produced is in this section.

Fanfics contains a listing of ThunderCats related stories and such that I have written or have had a hand in writing.  The librarian has struck again - she's begun to compile a bibliography of all of the ThunderCats fan fiction available on-line.  Check the New Thundera Public Library to see if I've added your favorite literary works.

Artwork is a spot where my limited amount of ThunderCats artwork can be found, as well as anything that I've persuaded Faero to draw for me.  You will also find the Artist of the Month feature in this section, as well as links to other sites that have ThunderCats artwork.

Reference includes information helpful to understanding the universe that my fan fiction takes place in, frequently asked questions, and anything else related, but that doesn't quite fit into the Cartoon Information page.  This is also the place to find news articles about ThunderCats and related information.

RPG is a personal project that I started working on to incorporate the races of Thundera, Plundaar, and Third Earth into the Dungeons and Dragons role playing game.  As I complete sections of it, I plan to post them here for anyone else to use.  So far, everything is still on paper and not online.

Miscellaneous is a nice way of saying I don't know where the hell else to put it.  Either it's much too bizarre to go in with the others, or I'm much too lazy to think about categorizing it.  Either way, here it is.  Included would be my virtual adopted cubs, snarf servants, and if I feel like it, a personal bio on myself, and any sort of fun and games, including most of the content from Panthro's Pad.  This section also contains the ThunderCats Online Fan Directory, an idea that was developed between myself and ThunderWolf.  A nice reference to use to find fan names, emails, websites, and other information.

Lynx is about as easy as I can make it.  Besides the usual links to other websites, it also contains links to message boards, chat rooms, directories, and ThunderCats resources in languages other than English.  Click on 'em, and soon you'll be far, far away from this unsnarfly place.

And that's all you need to know to be on your way.  Have fun, enjoy, and if not, don't come whining to me about it.  All complaints can be taken up with Amok.  Use the link below to email me about anything that you'd like to see posted here, or if you have something you'd like me to toss on the site for you.

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So, go here instead.  It'll take you to a java applet that will allow you to join the #ThunderCats chat on Afternet.

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