Well, hello there, wayward traveler.  It seems that you have stumbled upon my personal portal.

Here, you will find LotrFanFiction that I have written, as well as links that I frequent most. Most of them are Lotr FanArt

The stories and art links within contain adult content. I write Elven Slash (Male/Male), itty bitty bits of Het (Male/Female), Mpreg (Male Pregnancy), Rape and/or the memory/mention of rape, and my stories are AU (Alternate Universe)

Wherever you are logged in, if where you live, you are not of legal age to view such things, turn away now, for I can not control who travels into my Elven portal, and therefore am not responsible for those who enter.

Oh, and on a side note, I do not make any money off of what I have written. Most characters are the property of J. R. R. Tolkien and his Estate...though the original characters are mine.

If you are of legal age... I hope you enjoy your browsing!



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