The Virtues of a Ferret
by Ervinae

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Gil-galad/Elrond
Summary: Erestor plays matchmaker to a reluctant friend.

Beta: Nikkiling.

Warnings: Written for Alex Cat for the Jingles in June story swap.

Elrond stopped mid-stride and turned to his friend of many years, "I cannot believe that I lived to see the day that the chief-counselor of Lindon has finally lost all sense and reason."

"Nay, Elrond Peredhil, my counsel is wise as always," Erestor said seriously though his eyes were filled with amusement. "Besides, I have done no such thing as lose my reason nor sense. I am merely stating an obvious need and longing I see in two very important, lonely, and stubborn Elves."

Smiling at his obvious (to him) wit and charm, Erestor took hold of Elrond's elbow and guided him back down the hall to their destination: the council chamber. "Observe him and see his less than obvious qualities; those not of king but of his obvious masculinity."

"Humph," came the muttered reply as Elrond shook off the hold on his elbow and entered the council room. He headed straight to his rightful seat, which he only now noticed was directly across from the king. "Great," he muttered under his breath.

"What was that?" smiled Erestor wickedly. A glare along with scowling eyebrows was the reply.

The door opened once more and all stood as the object of the private discussion entered the council chambers boisterously greeting all there. Elrond rolled his eyes but not until after he nodded his greeting to their king.

"He is too loud," Elrond whispered into Erestor's ear.

"Jovial," Erestor countered.

Gil-galad then sat down abruptly, taking his boot off and brushing the bottom of his foot.

"He has no manners at all," Elrond tried not to gag as he curled his nose in disgust.

"He merely had to remove a stone from his boot," glared Erestor, "besides he is not pretentious at all." Elrond's jaw dropped as he thought he saw the king then turn his head and pick his nose!

"He has the manners of an Orc!" Elrond nearly shouted as spit hit the counselor's perfect ear.

"Really, Elrond," Erestor rolled his eyes, "and I suppose spitting in my ear is mannerly?"

"I did no such th.... sorry," muttered Elrond as he offered his handkerchief to his friend.

The meeting started thereafter as Erestor took the floor. Walking and gesturing around the room, Erestor stopped behind the king and placed his slender hands upon the king's very broad shoulders. Elrond noted this and tried to shake the sight from his head. It seemed he suddenly found the nails of his fingers quite interesting.

Erestor leaned forward for the king's hearing only. "My liege, see how nervous he is around you of late? I tell you that he has developed feelings for you other than that of a loyal servant to your crown." That was when Gil-galad chanced to look up and saw the whole nail-fascination scenario.

A smile graced the king's comely face making his eye's twinkle a bit more than usual. Erestor then whispered something else to the king and received a nod and pat to his hand in return. "Aye, I shall be there." replied the king quietly.

After surviving the meeting, Erestor saw that Elrond was watching as the king left the room. "He looks like an overgrown ferret." Elrond frowned and made to leave only to find his elbow caught again.

"Really Erestor, you are obsessed with elbows," grimaced Elrond.

'You have no idea,' Erestor thought to himself.

"Please my friend, let me make peace with you. Join me for a bath in the hot springs near the waterfall. We shall soak, tell tales, and drink some wine?"

Elrond's eyes softened. He could definitely do with some relaxing and he nodded his agreement.

"Splendid!" Erestor smiled as he walked towards the kitchens while whistling a merry tune.

Arriving at the waterfall, both undressed, having seen each other naked many times before. They swam to the side of the hot spring that had a smooth rock ledge built in; which when seated, came just to the waist of an average sized Elf. Popping open the wine, Erestor poured two glasses that he retrieved from his sack; filling the glasses to the brim.

"Ah, it doesn't get much better than this, does it my friend," sighed Erestor in bliss.

Elrond sighed his agreement, closing his eyes while enjoying the comforting steam swirling around them. "I am so glad that you have stopped your ridiculous notion of Gil-galad and I."

"Mnnn, he is quite the catch: smart, loyal, strong, tall and handsome..." Erestor kept prattling off their king's attributes.

"If you are so taken with him, why do you not go after him?" Elrond teased.

"Nay, I like blonds. I have a thing for big, dumb warriors with blond hair, though I doubt I will ever find one...."

Elrond opened one eye and just stared at his friend, "Sometimes I do not even know you." Erestor just laughed seductively.

"May I join you?" came a familiar voice. Erestor smiled as Elrond choked in mid-gulp of his wine.

"My liege! What a wonderful surprise!" Erestor gestured for him to join them as he sat up straight. He could feel Elrond's glare burning into his bare back.

"Yes, please, join us," Elrond squeaked in a mousy voice.

Erestor leaned back, once more appearing to close his eyes though he decided to appreciate "ferret face's" undressing through slitted eyelids. After all, he may like blonds better but he was still a connoisseur of the male form.

Elrond panicked and grabbed Erestor's arm in support; though he needed to tell his friend to exercise more due to the flaccid feel of it. He did not hear Erestor squeal as his friend mistakenly grasped his member. "Elrond!" he squeaked, "Please let me go." "Really my friend, you need to exercise more," Elrond chastised him earnestly.

"Pardon me?"

"Never mind."

Slowly the king took off his royal blue tunic, his chest chiseled hard as stone. Elrond gulped and Erestor smiled to himself. Yes, his plan was working perfectly.

The king's boots followed next, and then he pulled down his royal blue crushed velvet leggings over slender hips, a long and thick hardening shaft, then over muscular thighs and calves.

"Oh, my," Elrond whispered.

"Indeed," Erestor smiled in appreciation.

The king dove into the water only to emerge in front of his counselor and herald, though not before getting a peek at what was out of view in the water. Erestor he had seen many times, yet it was Elrond who made his pulse race. It was that delicious treasure trail of hair that led from his belly button down to the slight bed of dark curls that began where his sex started. Unique to Peredhil, no doubt.

Startled at the sudden emergence of the king, Elrond squealed suddenly as Erestor laughed.

"My king, have you any need of me?" Erestor asked as he started to swim back towards the other side of the hot spring.

"Where are you going?" Elrond suddenly felt very nervous and very 'set-up.'

"I have a missive to finish composing before Cirdan sails this eve," Erestor smiled as he pulled his pert behind up out of the other side and began to towel off.

"But.... I.... you...." Elrond pouted.

"Really, Elrond, you are in good hands with Gil-galad; is he not my liege?" Erestor dressed quickly and left before he received an answer.

"Aye," smiled the king into Elrond's eyes.

"I never get to speak privately with you much, Herald. This will be good for us." smiled Gil as he poured wine into Erestor's discarded glass.

Elrond did not speak but watched every move those muscles made as they rippled seductively. He studied the way the sunlight kissed the king's wet hair, making the red highlights stand out golden in his dark hair. He suddenly found himself wanting to taste those "ferret lips", nay those luscious lips.

"Elrond, I, um...may I have permission to speak candidly?"

A nod was the only reply as his herald suddenly found himself speechless.

"I... I am very ...fond of you, and I was wondering if you could ever see me as more than just your king, " Gil-galad gulped down the whole glass of wine nervously, adding "perhaps as a lover? I mean, I am often lonely and I never see you with anyone either.... and I..." He was stopped mid-sentence as he found his lips crushed against his herald's in answer.

To Gil-galad's utter delight, he found himself full of herald as Elrond hurled himself onto his lap. "I had intended to go slow, but this works for me too," he whispered into his new lover's ear. His very pretty, pointed ear.

"Take me, my king, I am yours...." Elrond moaned as he rubbed his now pulsating cock against that of the king's. A growl was his answer and soon Gil-galad lined his erection next to his herald's guardian ring and pushed lightly, using the hot water as the only lubricant available. Pushing his ass down as hard as he could, Elrond impaled himself around the king's massive sword. He rode Gil-galad hard, his head falling back in decadence as he gyrated against his lover wildly. The king used his massive and strong hands to guide Elrond's hips up and down, up and down, until both yelled out so loudly in their release that the birds suddenly flew in flocks out of the nearby trees. As they came down from their new found bliss, Elrond laid his head on Gil-galad's shoulder while they cuddled in their afterglow.

Stroking Elrond's back in slow circles, Gil-galad posed a question to his new love. "So, who is ferret face?"

Elrond gulped than quickly replied, "It's my pet name for you."

"I like it," Gil-galad smiled as he kissed the top of Elrond's head.

The End

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