Final Word
by Minuial Nuwing

Rating: PG
Pairing: Elrond/Gil-galad implied
Summary: Elrond stared unseeing at the distant horizon...

Note: A birthday drabble for Claudio

Lindon 1200 II

"He is very fair. If one is so inclined."

Elrond paused mid-stroke in his hair brushing ritual and stared into the mirror. "You are joking."

Gil-galad's reflection eyed him placidly. "I am not. You disagree?"

Elrond disagreed. He disagreed with a vehemence expressed in eloquent eyebrow and colorful invective. He disagreed so emphatically that Gil-galad had to duck to avoid a painful encounter with a flying hairbrush.

"No violence, please," Gil-galad chided, staying well out of reach. "I share your distrust and have denied him entry to the city." He snorted inelegantly. "What sort of charlatan names himself Annatar, anyway?"

The End

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