Elrond Substitutes
by Sylc

Rating: PG13
Pairings: Gil-galad/Elrond, Gil-galad/?
Summary: Gil-galad's affection for Elrond had always...

Gil-galad's affection for Elrond had always extended beyond friendship and bordered on obsession so when the half-elf did not reciprocate his love, the cordiality with which Gil-galad accepted this rejection surprised many, including Elrond himself.

On Elrond's return to Lindon from Imladris sometime after the War of Eriador and the founding of the new realm, however, he was somewhat disconcerted to discover that during the course of his absence, every single servant in the palace, of which there were hundreds, had dark hair...

...the exact same hue as his own.

He also noticed that none of the servants were taller or smaller than he was, and were in fact the exact same height. They also appeared to be neither wider nor slimmer.

Their eyes too, were grey.

But his most harrying experience came not when he met Gil-galad's new private assistant and realised that the elf was his exact splitting image, but when, to his immense distress, Gil-galad, on first setting eyes on him, commented, with a little slap to his rear:

"Oh, 'Rondy honey-pot, not now. I have an important meeting with Elrond of Imladris in a moment. Hop along; I will give you some milk later."

The End

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