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Guidelines for Submission

This archive is focused on Gil-galad/Elrond. This relationship may be the main plot line or a very important part of it or even a smaller mention if the fic is good and the relationship does have a bearing to the plot. All fics must be mainly slash, but there may be mentions to het relationships.

Fics may be canon or AU, but canon is preferred.

Not Accepted:


Perfection is intangible, but do try to have your fics revised and betaed. If a fic contains many obvious mistakes but is interesting, it may be posted after some improvements.

Series and Sequels/Prequels:

Series may be posted in parts, as long as the authors provide an estimate of their length. If a series is not focused on GG/E, but one or more of its chapters are and this relationship has a bearing on the plot it is accepted (e.g. Dinif en Qualen by Morgana).

If you write a fic and then an unforeseen sequel/prequel the new fic’s affiliation must be clearly indicated in the summary and preferably share part of the name.

How to Submit:

Send your fic in .doc or .txt to the archivist .

Please include the following information along with the story file:


Please use these rating definitions (from the Library of Moria):


If you no longer wish to have your fic posted here just drop me an email and it will be promptly removed.


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