Updated May::27::2007



This is the companion site to Pounce! on the DreamElf network.  Here you will find supplementary information to stories, poetry, and other related silliness by Zhie.  Clicking on the Story Timeline link to the left will open a page with the listing for all of the PPB-AU stories Zhie has written with links to them.  To access ALL of Zhie's Tolkien inspired writings, please go to the Pounce! Archive.

~General disclaimer information for lawyers and others bored enough to read it~

No profit is made by any of the writings on this or related sites.  Characters, places, and many ideas were the thoughts, musings, and ideas of J.R.R. Tolkien; the rest - the goats, the cheesecake, the pouncing and silliness, and anything that doesn't look like the professor wrote it - is likely the randomness of Zhie, solely for the entertainment of those reading the works.  I have a negative net worth and am not worth the time to sue; everything here is purely for the fun and enjoyment of myself and others.