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I always found the Silmarillion a dark and sensual book in some ways and both Elrond and Gil-galad are these amazing, noble, strong and mysterious characters. Tolkien himself stated they were very close. Exactly how close that was is something to explore in this site.

A fair amount of Silmarillion and LOTR knowledge is required to write an acceptable fic featuring this pairing and these characters have secondary roles and are played by older actors in the LOTR movies, thus do not attract the attentions of greener writers. This results in most cases in fewer stories, written by mature, well-read authors.

I take the chance to thank my host Zhie, for kindly ginving me space at her domain Queen Cheetah. Bless you. :)



Elrond and Gil-galad, by Indra Kim

Art by Indra Kim - Thank you!

Created on April 18, 2004


August 1st, 2007

Added The Virtues of a Ferret by Ervinae.

Added Final Word by Minuial Nuwing.

Added Part 5 of Manu's Happily Ever After.

Added three manips by Shorsha.

April 28th, 2007

Added Elrond Substitutes by Sylc.

Added Subordination by Sylc.

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